Moon Vault

Multi-Chain Yield Aggregator

Investing is now easier than ever!

The best yield earning opportunity in the crypto market

So what are the benefits of Moon Vault?

We are here to help you grow your passive income without any worries. We will deal with auto-compounding your yield and searching for the most profitable and safest investments for you.


We don't just copy our competition, but strive to add features never seen before in crypto


We are already on 5 Blockchains, to help you find secure and stable yields.


Our Products are audited for security and we completed a KYC at Rugdoc.

User friendly

With helpful UI features and guides, we support new & advanced investors to make well informed investments.

Fast development

In a short time, we have already accomplished a lot and we keep adding more products that increase revenue streams for investors.

Anti-Whale Governance

Our decisions are governed by our Users, to ensure decisions that are fair and benefitting our community.

Our Products


Our Vaults auto-compound your investment to achieve even higher APY. Easy invest single assets or LP tokens and gain more and more of your trusted asset. Our vaults are on multiple blockchains and for your most favorite farms.


Our unique token can only gain value and never fall, due to its special tokenomics. Stress free investment without to risk of token devaluation. All Profits of the protocol are redirected to our Holders and it is always collateralized by stable coins.

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